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4 Questions Your Plastic Surgeon Should Answer

We all want to look good. It could in an effort to appeal to the opposite sex or solely because one just feels like looking different. Either way, plastic surgery always comes in as a good solution. It has been proven to work, it is safe, quicker and sometimes painless. But before one decides to go under the blade, there are tons of questions that suddenly creep in. This happens all the time before any invasive medical procedure. It is therefore, a normal thing. It only means one is concerned about his or her wellbeing. To be certain you will be safe, be sure to ask your plastic surgeon the following questions.

Where Will The Procedure Be Performed?

Talk of plastic surgery and one immediately thinks of having the procedure done in a theatre. While this is true and somewhat obvious, there are so many other considerations that usually accompany where a plastic surgeon chooses to work on his or her patient. In the USA for instance, routine surgeries are usually carried out in accredited surgical facilities. The American Association of Accredited Ambulatory Surgery Facilities or AAAASF must fully accredit a facility before it can admit patients and clients for surgical services. With that in mind, your surgeon should assure you that your desired facility meets AAASF’s standards and has in fact, been accredited.

How Long Will The Recovery Period Take?

Not all procedures are the same. Some take months to recover while others take just a few weeks. Most invasive procedures like post pregnancy tummy tuck or even breast reduction call for patience. This could mean resting for a whole month or two before one can completely recover.  Your surgeon should advise you well on what to expect after surgery in terms of recovery period. While at it, you may also want to ask your surgeon if there are impediments that can slow down recovery or measures that can expedite recovery. You may for instance, have to quit or reduce smoking and alcohol intake throughout the recovery period. Your diet may also have to change so as to incorporate healthy nutrients that can expedite the recovery period.


There is a wide misconception that all cosmetic surgery procedures are expensive. Truth is, the cost differs from one facility to another. It is therefore hard to pin point with certainty how much one should pay for a procedure. The best you can do is to discuss with your surgeon your financing options. Be sure to request for a breakdown of the total cost. This is mostly because specific procedures attract specific charges like garments, anesthesia, laboratory tests and medications which are usually charged separately.

Risks And Side Effects

You will have to address these two concerns at some point. Your surgeon should be diligent enough to run tests to ensure you do not have any underlying condition that may end up slowing recovery or compromising the whole procedure. You too have a role to play. Disclose as much information as possible about your medical history or any underlying condition that lab tests may not reveal. It is in light of such information that your surgeon will easily tell if you may have to deal with side effects or if there could be risks that your desired procedure may attract.

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