Are Sclerotherapy Results Long Lasting?

If you have painful varicose veins, spider veins or unsightly bulging veins, then sclerotherapy may be the best option for you. In this procedure, a chemical is injected into the veins which will cause it to close harmlessly. Re-absorption of the vein tissue happens and you won’t even find a faint shadow of the normal vein tissue. This is done safely and quickly by a surgeon to get your skin blended into its original form without interfering with the blood flow in the area. The results may not be permanent in all the cases. For some, it may last for years, while others have to opt for treatment in a few months. In most of the cases, the results fade away, since the body is changing constantly.

How Long Till The Veins Come Back?

Sclerotherapy results can vary from one person to the other. After the treatment, the veins will completely disappear in the body. There’s a little chance of them opening up again and causing uncomfortable results. However, there’s a different side to it as well. People who develop varicose or spider veins often have it as a genetic condition, which implies the vein areas may reappear. The body keeps changing constantly, while growing new veins every day. It may take time for the veins to appear in the treated area, but the same can appear quiet quickly in other areas. In such a case, the treatment can be done again to reverse the effect. At the end of the day, your hereditary conditions define how long your treated area will remain as it is. If it’s in your genes, it will probably reappear after some time.

Taking Immediate Action

The results from your bulging, varicose or spider treatment are never to be undone, however, it doesn’t imply you won’t need a fresh treatment for other areas. In most of the cases, people keep waiting to make things worse to the point they need to opt for a treatment like sclerotherapy. You may have to undergo more treatments to get similar results that you would have got with one initial treatment at the beginning. If you are engaging the sclerotherapy in the right manner, you don’t have to suffer for long. This is much less pain compared to a condition like varicose veins. Moreover, the procedure gets completed faster, since there is lesser area to cover and recovery is quite quick as well. The body does an exceptional job in taking care of useless tissues. If you spot smaller areas and treat them, it will be quickly reabsorbed by the body.

It can be difficult to stand the sight of unsightly large, varicose or spider veins. If you want to look your best and feel better, seek early treatment by consulting a surgeon.  It can be easy to ignore vein conditions, but once they start causing pain and discomfort or affect your self confidence, it’s high time you should consider treatment to get your body back to its normal form.

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