Is Your Body Giving Your Age Away?

When you glance at others, there are some parameters that help you gauge the age of the person of interest. There are instances when you got a surprise when you base the age of a certain person on his or her looks. Many know that sagging skin and wrinkles on the facial area are like giveaways of one’s age. However, there are other body parts that can indicate your age as well. Read on if you are not aware of that.


Your hands are often subjected to similar pigmentation issues as the rest of your body. And although the skin on your hands do not develop wrinkles the same way as other body parts, the soft tissues are subjected to atrophy (the process of thinning out) over time. This makes the hands appear gaunt or bony.

Neck and the décolletage

Majority of women tend to focus on their face when it comes to the application of skin care products, makeup and sunscreen. But the décolletage and neck area receives as much of the sun’s UV radiation too, if not even more. Sun spots and fine lines in this particular area are often a dead giveaway of the person’s age.

One of the easiest ways you can get around this issue is to ensure that any cream you use can travel down towards your collar bones to cover your upper chest and the neck area. This will help stave off premature aging and sun damage. You can also opt for a surgical procedure as well.


Since the eyes are located at the top, they are considered to be the most prominent body part that does not lie. The common areas that people are concerned about include hollowing, dark eye circles and thin crepey skin that have many fine lines.


It is surprising that these small body parts are also the subject of obvious aging issues. As many women may wear heavy and dangling earrings, there will be long term repercussions after prolonged wear. By the age of 40 or more, the earlobes tend to be thinner from those hoop earrings and trinkets.


Forehead hollowness and depression, as well as horizontal lines are some of the more prominent features that are linked with an aging face. When you notice the foreheads of youths, you will notice they possess that gentle fullness of a high forehead.

Enhancing the appearance of a body part

If you are interested in enhancing certain areas such as your neck, you consider a neck lift treatment. This procedure is designed to bring back the elasticity, tighten loose skin and remove vertical lines and excess skin. The good thing is that this is a relatively minor surgical procedure that can be completed within a few hours. The person typically looks more youthful than their actual age, and the skin around the neck will appear smoother and attractive. What’s more, the scars are unnoticeable and there are very little potential risks to be wary of.

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