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How To Prepare For A Plastic Surgery Procedure

Recovery from a plastic surgery – whether it is a tummy tuck procedure or breast augmentation or any other type of surgical process – is always a cause of concern to anyone who has to go under the knife. But with knowledge on how to prepare for any of these procedures, everything will definitely go as smooth as you want. Here are things to include in your list of preparations in this regard.

Choose to Eat Healthy

Buy foods that contain nutrients that are essential for wound healing. Examples are those that are rich in vitamin A, vitamin C, selenium, copper, and zinc. All these nutrients play an important role in wound healing plus they can also help boost the immune system thereby reducing any chance of contacting infection during the process.

Schedule a Procedure Only When You are Ready

One of the mistakes you may commit when wanting to undergo a plastic surgery procedure is to go to the doctor and have it done anytime you want to. Remember that the process requires careful planning and making sure that your body is healthy before undergoing one will be your best defense against any adverse effects later on. Scheduling an appointment or a free consultation with an expert in this area will prepare your body for the procedure.

Discontinue Taking Certain Types of Supplements

Why is this so? It is because there are supplements that may lead to adverse reactions after the surgery. You do not want prolonged bleeding as well as cardiovascular problems to get in the way during your recovery from the procedure. Which supplements can be the culprit to these effects? Herbal supplements like dong quai, garlic, ginkgo biloba, ginger, kava kava, and ginseng are but just some of the few. You should ask your doctor during consultation regarding all other supplements that may lead to adverse reactions that you certainly do not want to experience after the procedure.

Take a Supplement That Can Help Reduce Other Adverse Effects

If there are supplements that you should discontinue taking before the procedure, there is also a supplement that you must take in order to speed up the recovery process. This is no less than a bromelain supplement which is known for helping reduce swelling, inflammation, and pain that are all part of the effects of undergoing a plastic surgery procedure.

Hydrate with Water

Water is very essential in our daily lives and if you want to make sure you will recover well after a surgical process, it is important to increase your water intake before and after the procedure. Remember that fluid intake has to be reduced during the day of the surgery. Your surgeon will further instruct you about how much water you must take in the day before the procedure is done.

Get a Natural Stool Softener

Constipation is a common discomfort to persons who undergo plastic surgery. You can do away with this effect by taking in a natural stool softener prior and after the procedure. An example of a great natural stool softener is prunes. There are also natural supplements that may be recommended by your surgeon that will help alleviate the discomforts of constipation.

It is very important to prepare yourself for a plastic surgery procedure. With the tips mentioned above, you are more than ready to undergo it. Just make sure you go to an expert in plastic surgery to assure faster recovery and better results.

This article was not written by Dr. Robert S. Fischer M.D and may not represent his views. To talk to Dr. Robert S. Fischer M.D. please contact the office directly.

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