Rhinoplasty – Why Cost Shouldn’t Be The First Question You Ask

Thinking about getting a nose job? Hundreds of Americans have rhinoplasty surgery every year. Rhinoplasty helps individuals to refine their nasal profile and improve their overall appearance. Before signing up for the surgery, you should never choose a plastic surgeon based on cost alone. Rhinoplasty surgery is complex and requires special experience and skill to produce beautiful results with minimal risk of complications. Below, we will share answers to some of the patient’s most burning questions about nose surgery.

What Can Rhinoplasty Fix?

There are various reasons why a patient can seek rhinoplasty. Majority of people seek nose jobs for cosmetic reasons. This surgery can also fix the following conditions:

  • Correct a bad nose job
  • Reduce nostril size
  • Refine and reduce a bulbous tip
  • Improve symmetry
  • Straighten a crooked or bumpy nose
  • Reduce the width, length, or overall size of the nose

Rhinoplasty is also recommended for patients who have been in an accident to help improve breathing problems or repair damage from injury. Holes in the nose resulting from complications from a previous surgery or due to drug use can be closed surgically as well.

How Old Does One Need To Be To Get A Nose Job?

Candidates who are 16 years and above qualify for rhinoplasty. At 16 years, the nasal bones and cartilage are fully developed which is essential for a safe and successful surgery. Over the last few years, rhinoplasty has become a popular cosmetic surgery for younger patients who are looking to invest in their appearance and well-being. According to experts, being emotionally mature is also crucial before undergoing the surgery. A patient needs to understand the risk they are putting themselves into and also be responsible enough to follow through with aftercare and recovery as instructed. Nose jobs are permanent. It is not easy to undo the results once the surgery is done.

Could My Nose Get Bigger As I Age?

It is not uncommon for the nose to change shape with age. As time passes, a nose’s cartilage can become less supportive, making the tip of the nose to droop. This makes a nose appear longer and also cause the nose to appear wider and larger since the nasal skin thickens as well.  A rhinoplasty surgeon can make adjustments to the cartilage to reduce the tip size and make other few adjustments to create a more attractive nose. You can get a nose job if you are the age of 16 and above, provided you are healthy.

How Long Will It Take To Recover?

It only takes a few months for patients to recover fully after a rhinoplasty surgery. However, the first couple of weeks calls for patients to take a true downtime to allow swelling to go down. Immediately after the surgery, a patient remains heavily bandaged and the nose is placed in a splint which can be uncomfortable. Patients are advised to sleep on their back and stick to light activities until the swelling goes down. Most patients feel comfortable going out to the public after the bruising and swelling subsides which takes a minimum of 2 weeks.

When Can I Exercise After A Nose Surgery?

Surgeons advice their patients to avoid any strenuous activities after a rhinoplasty surgery. Apart from walking, a patient should avoid exercises like strength training, cycling, dancing and running. Such activities tend to raise blood pressure which can increase the risk of poor healing and internal bleeding.

If you have more questions about rhinoplasty, you need to consult with a qualified plastic surgeon. It is best to ask questions in person so that you can exhaust all the questions you may have before you decide to undergo a nose job.

This article was not written by Dr. Robert S. Fischer M.D and may not represent his views. To talk to Dr. Robert S. Fischer M.D. please contact the office directly.

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