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When Should You Seek Treatment For Your Scars?

Scars start showing up even when you are just a kid. They form out of nowhere at times but there are those that can actually come from accidents that you may encounter at one point in your life. Some scars are left unnoticed by others while there are those that can be large thus making you feel so uncomfortable and disappointed. You really do not have to live with your scars all the days of your life. You can get rid of them. The question is: When is the right time to seek treatment for scars?

It Depends Upon the Type of Scar Tissue that has Formed

Scars and their appearance may vary from one person to another or from one cause to another. There are scars that can appear paler than the skin and are usually flat thus making them blend well with the skin’s surface level. These scars will eventually become less noticeable and even paler in time. When you notice that your scars develop in this manner then you may feel there is no need to seek treatment at all.

Another type of scar is called a contracture scar. This is a scar that starts to contract once it is already healing. It is common with those who have been victims of burns and those who have undergone an operation where a large portion of their skin tissues have been removed. They become larger once your muscles move.

Bumpy scars or keloid scars, on the other hand, form once the body produces too much of the collagen needed when healing your wound. Since they are more obvious than normal scars that are flat, they will give you the urge to have them treated right away. Then there are also those acne scars which can either be deep pitted or angular in form.

How Soon Should They Be Treated?

The truth is that there is no definite time frame within which you should undergo scar revision surgery for any of those large and obvious scars on your body. Several other factors need to be considered to be able to answer this question such as the placement of the scar, the age of the patient, skin type, age of the scar, and the injury which caused the appearance of a scar.

General Rule of Surgeons When Treating Scars

Considering a list of factors to determine whether you are ready to undergo treatment for scars or not, surgeons will usually work on treating your scars only when the scar tissues are soft enough to work with. Basically, scars are stronger and tougher than your skin. The reason lies on the fact that scar tissues are supposed to prevent an injured skin from opening again.

Consult a Plastic Surgeon

The best way to answer the question as to when you should seek treatment for your scars is to consult a plastic surgeon. Talking to a surgeon may start from the time that you will know you will undergo a surgery for an injury and you know that the wound will result to scarring. Letting your surgeon know your situation ahead of time will let him know how he can help you recover from the scar. He can even work with your medical doctors to assure that the scar will never disfigure your appearance. From there, he can schedule the scar revision surgery right when you need one.

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