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Top Reasons To Undergo An IPL Photofacial

An Intense Pulse Light or IPL therapy is known for helping treat a lot of skin-related problems including age spots, stretch marks, wrinkles, and dark spots among others. It is also otherwise known as photorejuvenation or photofacial which is performed either in doctor’s offices or med spas. It can also be used in hair reduction but will often require a series of treatments. If you want to undergo such a process but you are still half-hearted about your decision, here are reasons that will convince you to give it a try.

It Can Be Used For Any Body Part

Many people think that since the treatment is called IPL photofacial, it follows that only problems related to facial skin can be treated by the procedure. The truth is that many patients who have undergone the treatment have also considered using it to treat problem areas in the chest, shoulders and neck.

It Can Also Repair Visible Blood Vessels

Small blood vessels are more visible than larger blood vessels. If you have this type of blood vessel then you will have problems about visible spots on your skin. Skin pigmentation will be very obvious while sunspots may just be seen anywhere on your skin. Clear your skin with this non-surgical treatment and you will surely see results in no time.

It Can Also Help Lessen Acne

If you think that IPL is best suited only for those dark spots that appear on the skin then think again. You will definitely get help from this treatment if you have been combatting the inflammation and redness that results from acne. It can also help you get rid of the large pores that have become evident due to frequent appearance of acne on your face. With IPL, you no longer have to invest on topical products that usually dry out the skin.

It Can Also Help Reduce Redness Resulting from Rosacea

If IPL photofacial is capable of getting rid of redness and inflammation resulting from acne, it can also be of help if you want to reduce redness that is commonly associated with rosacea. This therapy has the capability of extending its results to giving you a more even skin tone while bringing out your natural skin complexion.

It Helps Combat Aging

Losing collagen as you age will result to different skin aging problems including the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on the skin. If you are looking for a solution that will provide long-lasting effects then you will never go wrong with photofacial therapy. It works deeply to penetrate the skin thus stimulating collagen growth as well as improving your skin’s texture.

It Can Be Used Together With Other Skin Treatments

One of the concerns you may have in mind when undergoing a new treatment for your skin is whether or not it will work well with other skin treatments you are having at the moment. An IPL photofacial will certainly be a good option for those of you who undergo chemical peels, microdermabrasion, and any other treatment that targets the skin’s outer layer. Remember that IPL works by targeting the deeper layers of the skin thus it will not create any problem in case you are getting treatment for the outermost layer of the skin.

These reasons will be enough to convince you to undergo an IPL photofacial. Make sure that you only go to a cosmetic spa that can perform one.

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