Scar revision surgery

Scars have a major effect on one’s self esteem depending on their location and prominence. Getting rid of them using conventional methods such as creams can be problematic, especially if the scar extends to the deeper parts of the skin. A scar revision surgery can be used in such cases to quickly remove large scars. This is a surgical procedure that is being increasingly sought after, especially by ladies who are keen on getting rid of scars from c sections. They can also be used by accident and fire victims, as well as deep scarring from medical conditions.

Benefits of Scar Revision Surgery

Some of the notable benefits of scar revision surgery include:

  • Very effective at reducing or removing scars
  • Improves self esteem
  • Results are apparent within weeks
  • Can be used on scars on any part of the body

About The Procedure

Scar revision is a process that aims to make a present scar as unnoticeable as possible. There are several ways of revising a scar, and these are used in sequence. Advanced surgery is used when other milder forms of revision including the use of creams and other minimally invasive procedures have not yielded the desired results.

If the scar is very deep and cannot be removed using any other method, an incision is made to remove it. This is done to follow the natural creases of the skin to allow for healing with a minimal scar. The depth of the incision depends on the depth of the scar.

Once the scarred tissue is removed, the remaining tissue is sutured together. This is done in a layered manner. This involves suturing the deeper tissues first, and then moving on to the more superficial layers. The number of layers to be sutured together depends on the depth of the incision.

Larger scars require more complex surgical methods including flap closure. This moves the scar to a position where it won’t be as visible. This method can also be used to improve joint mobility in case the scar occurs across a joint.

Other methods include the use of skin grafts and artificial tissue substitutes. These are important in cases where a lot of tissues has to be removed, and there is not enough natural tissue from the patient to make a graft.

Scar Revision Surgery | FAQ

Can I get scar revision surgery for scars due to acne?

This depends on the extents of the scars. In some cases, more non-invasive methods such as abrasion may be appropriate. The presence of any acne has to be cleared before the surgery.

Will the surgery get rid of the scar completely?

It’s rare for the surgery to result in perfectly clear skin. When well done, however, it will reduce the conspicuousness of the scar by a huge margin. In such cases, the scar may not be visible unless under very close scrutiny.

How long will it take to heal?

The irritation and distortion after surgery should clear after around a week or two. The scar from the surgery will fade after a few weeks.

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