Facial Fat Transfer (Microlipoinjection)

Having too much fat in one part of the body and seemingly not enough in another is a common and frustrating problem for many. Typically, the best way to address this is by moving fat from one part of the body from another. This process is known as microlipoinjectoin. Facial fat transfer is subset of microlipoinjection that involves moving fat to and from parts of the face. The aim is to give the face the proportions that one is interested in. The typical process is to transfer fat to the face to make it fuller.

Benefits of Microlipoinjection (Facial Fat Transfer)

Facial fat transfer has become popular in the recent past because of its multitude of benefits, including:

  • Gives fuller facial features
  • Improves confidence and self esteem
  • Safe procedure
  • Results seen in a short time
  • Long term of permanent results
  • Can correct major defects
  • Use of one’s own tissue

About The Procedure

Fat can be transferred from any part of the body to any specific area in the face. Common areas include the lips, temples and cheeks. Before the procedure is started, the cosmetologist assesses the needs of the client. This involves discussing their expectations, and determining if they are workable.

The actual procedure can be done in one sitting. Fat is extracted from one part of the body using a needle. This is then centrifuged and processed, before the fat cells are injected to areas of the face. No allergy testing is needed as the client’s own tissue is used.

There may be a need to revise the procedure later on. To account for this, some of the harvested fat may be frozen for up to a year. If a touch up is required in future, the frozen fat is thawed and used to fill up the area. This takes a few minutes and can be done over a lunch break.

Results are usually immediate, and the client can go back to their regular schedule a day after the procedure. Minor swelling and some pain may be experienced following the procedure. This can be treated using regular painkillers as well as ice packs.

Before the facial fat transfer, clients will be required to make a few preparatory steps including stopping smoking and drinking alcohol for a few weeks prior to the surgery. Chronic conditions such as diabetes and hypertension may have to be controlled as well.

Microlipoinjection (Facial Fat Transfer) | FAQ

Is this cosmetic procedure safe?

The procedure is very safe and effective, particularly when done by a competent cosmetic surgeon like Dr. Fischer.

Is the process painful?

Most people report having very mild pain, since a local anesthetic is used for the procedure.

Will I need to be admitted for a hospital stay?

This is a short, minor procedure, and you can go home immediately after. You might want to get a designated driver since the anesthetics and other drugs used may make you unfit to drive.

Achieve the Best Results with Dr. Robert S. Fischer – Your Facial Fat Transfer Expert

For best results, a clear understanding of the client’s needs as well as having artistic skills is important when doing microlipoinjection. Dr. Fischer has years of experience in the field, ensuring that you can benefit from his fine hands. Call us today to schedule an initial consultation with Dr. Fischer.