Facial Plastic Surgery

Many patients are concerned about the appearance of their faces and luckily for you, Dr. Fischer can perform facial cosmetic procedures to make you look younger and improve your facial aesthetics. Face plastic surgery features little to no side effects and the results are long lasting.

Why should you consider face plastic surgery?

If you have been born with a facial abnormality or a birthmark that makes you feel self-conscious then face plastic surgeries are suitable for you. In cases where you are looking to improve your existing facial features, Dr. Fischer can perform a wide range of plastic surgeries on his patients such as neck lift, face lift, nose job, lip augmentation, eye lift, and many others. Certain plastic surgeries can also correct different types of physical imperfections such as protruding ears, crooked smiles, and more.

Am I a good candidate for face plastic surgery?

Healthy individuals who have realistic expectations from face plastic surgeries are usually good candidates for such procedures. Upon appointment with Dr. Fischer, you will find out more information about the benefits, risks, and recovery periods of your chosen face plastic procedure. Patients must also understand that mild discomfort and partial facial numbness is to be expected when performing various types of face plastic surgeries, but these will pass with time.

Face plastic surgeries are specially designed to improve the visual appearance of many facial features such as the eyebrows, cheeks, chin, lips, neck, ears, and nose by reshaping their structure. Dr. Fischer will carefully assess you and recommend the right type of face plastic procedure that will enhance your image and self-confidence.

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