Nose Tip Refinement And Rhinoplasty

Understanding The Difference Between Nose Tip Refinement And Rhinoplasty

You must have come across someone with what seemed to be perfect facial features. Either the person had a perfect chin, perfect nose and a perfectly shaped jaw bone. You then went on to conclude that the person must have come across an extremely talented plastic surgeon. This is true on one end and false on the other. Some facial features may appear perfect without the help of a surgeon. Others may have been slightly altered using non-invasive procedures. That is where nose tip refinement and rhinoplasty come into the picture. The two terms are sometimes interchanged, yet they refer to different procedures.

Why Should One Choose Between The Two?

Your anatomy is different from that of your friend or even sibling. This means that if you and your closest sibling were to go for a surgical procedure to alter your noses, your procedures may not be the same.  It is also important that rhinoplasty is not usually necessary so as to achieve one’s aesthetic or cosmetic goals. In such cases, nose tip refinement steps in as the perfect alternative.

Note that nose tip refinement is not an entirely cosmetic procedure. There are so many cases where it may be a medical necessity. For instance, an abnormally shaped nasal tip can cause breathing complications or difficulties. It can also cause improper breathing which can easily mean living with a snoring problem. Sinus infections and speech impediments can also be attributed to an abnormally shaped nose tip.

When To Consider Nose Tip Refinement

Reasons for going for tip refinement as an alternative to rhinoplasty varies from one person to another. The most common reason though, boils down to correcting an overly full appearance at the nose tip. Patients with hooked noses may also find the shape undesirable. These are noses that are upturned or appear to slightly droop at the tip. Rose tip refinement can fix all these problems within a short time.

Recovery Time

Nose tip refinement is not as complicated as rhinoplasty which is why its recovery period is quicker. As for rhinoplasty, one will need several weeks of what plastic surgeons like to refer to as ‘downtime’. This usually means spending some time away from activities that may force you to breathe heavily after exhaustion.

Difference In Procedures

Rhinoplasty procedures are somewhat complex as already mentioned. The procedure involves modifying the inner anatomy of one’s nose. This may involve breaking some bones, a move which will certainly increase recovery time. Nose tip refinement on the other hand is simple. It involves two or three incisions to give the surgeon access your nose cartilage. The surgeon then reshapes the nose before closing the incisions.  One or two weeks down the line, you end up with a perfectly shaped nose.

Other Factors To Consider

There is a widespread misconception that both nose tip refinement and rhinoplasty procedures are not suitable for men as they result in feminine looking noses. This is of course, not true. A skilled surgeon can easily preserve the masculine aesthetic of any nose.  That is why one must be extremely keen when choosing plastic surgeons. Simply go for one with a flawless reputation.

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