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Who Are Good Candidates For Facial Implants?

There is a list of cosmetic treatments in the market and when people like you are searching for one that will suit you, it will be very easy getting overwhelmed with all the choices available. You may have researched on all options available and you may have chanced upon face lifts during your search. You may have also come across fillers when looking for an effective treatment. One procedure you may have come across with is the use of facial implants. Find out if you are a good candidate for such a treatment.

Those Who Want to Improve Facial Features

Face implants have been made to help people who want to address some concerns with their facial features. This procedure will work better, however, if your face have already lost its volume and looks sunken. Implants have the capability to add volume to that particular facial part thus giving it a more contoured look. There are certain enhancements which revitalize the cheeks while others have been made to fill out and strengthen the jaw line. It is also perfect for improving the look of a small chin. Lip treatments are also available to improve your smile.

Those Who Want to Improve Facial Proportion

Some people have weaker natural features when compared to others. Some may have beautiful eyes but have cheeks that are not as plump as others. Some may also have a prominent jawline but at the same time may have a chin that is not in proportion to the entire face. Many people who are faced with these concerns will really get help from the use of facial implants. This procedure can help bring back symmetry on the face and boost your confidence knowing that every part of the face is in proportion with other parts.

Those Who are in Good Health

It is not enough to desire to look good, restore youthful appearance or restore facial features in order to become a good candidate for face implants. Remember that just like with any other cosmetic procedure, undergoing facial implants will also require that you should be in the pink of health. You must not have any serious pre-existing medical condition to be able to undergo one. You must not have any existing diseases that can affect the results of the treatment. The surgeon will also ensure that your facial bones have already reached their physical maturity before you undergo the procedure.

If you are a smoker then you cannot undergo the procedure. This is because of the fact that smokers are a higher risk of suffering from complications right after the treatment. Quit smoking before planning of undergoing any cosmetic procedure, the use of facial implants included. You must also have a realistic and positive view of the surgery.

So, Are You a Good Candidate For Facial Implants?

Yes if you have met the criteria specified above. In case you are unsure if you are indeed a candidate for this procedure or not, it will be best to consult a surgeon. He can look into all the criteria explained herein as well as take a closer look at your needs before recommending that you undergo facial implants.

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